Co-curated Compilation for FPE Records out March 19

Far beyond NY, I’ve been paying close attention to the artists who are innovating, and I’ve co-curated a compilation for FPE Records of a few of them.?? Honored to have new/unreleased tracks from:
members of Gabber Modus Operandi (mind-blowing electronic duo from Indonesia, who smashed it last year, and are soon playing at the CTM Festival in Berlin!)
Babani Soundsystem (roots/electronics from Mauritius-already grabbed by The Wire Tapper for the next one !)
BKGD Audio (DALEK- legendary +groundbreaking experimental Hip Hop+Noise/MRC Riddims, I&W)
Y-DRA (Indonesian producer who blends traditional Koplo music with forward thinking electronics- also performing at CTM!!! )

–sub-curation by OTONO (cutting-edge music platform based in Mexico City) to bring
Interspecifics (live-coding ensemble) and DZNA (a forward thinking electronic/jazz duo)
–also psyched to see the legendary Nicole M. Mitchell, Tatsu Aoki , Dereck Higgins , and producer EMB Dilo (Reunion island) amongst the other artists I already know, curated directly by the label ???




1. Eat My Butterfly – Indi

2. Babani Soundsystem – Dan Bwa

3. Syna So Pro – listen to the RAIN and remember

4. Kamyar Arsani – Gham e-yar (Sunken Cages Remix)

5. Spires That in the Sunset Rise – Hypnagogic

6. Nicole Mitchell – Eshu’s Secret

7. Magic Carpet – Tuareg Fever

8. Dereck Higgins – Hit

9. Interspecifics – Untitled Data Composition

10. Problems That Fix Themselves – Chemical-y Culkin

11. Lisa E. Harris – Pythia Is a Black Girl’s Name

12. Bussy Kween Power Trip – On the List

13. Contra-Relevo – La Musique est la sagesse

14. Y-DRA – Jasuma Ekpres

15. In Place – Useless Tower

16. Bass Dreams minus b – Lacquer

17. DNZA & Ernesto M. Andriano – Extinto

18. Plack Blague – Joie de Blague

19. BKGD Audio – Big Breakfast

20. Gabber Modus Operandi – Parang

21. avery r. young – sis peaches

22. Colin Langenus – Grand Island Blues

23. MIYUMI Project – Dinner Plate, Diner Dish (Iron Curtis Leftover Mix)

24. Cyrus Pireh – Sending Positive Vibes