Remix for Babani SoundSystem

Honored to have been asked by the amazing Babani Soundsystem to do a remix! It was my first remix ever, and it was picked up by Pan African Music as well!

Based in Mauritius, the band champions its sega heritage — traditional Indian Ocean rhythm — by mixing in electronic influences that have inspired international producers such as Sunken Cages, a New Yorker of Indian origin who couldn’t resist this organic blend.

The Babani Soundsystem collective offers a unique interpretation of its island culture. Between traditional sega rhythms and electronic influences, the group, signed to the Babani Records label, is composed of DJs, musicians and producers, and has become a major reference point in the Mauritian and Reunionese electronic scene. To reflect the ethnic mix of local culture, the Mauritian group composes a sound with multiple origins. Their Creole title “Zistwar Fer Per” evokes the legends of the archipelago that are used to scare children and to ensure their learning. The stories consist of mysterious nocturnal creatures answering the call of  traditional percussion. As the kids grow, the fear dissipates and turns into a call to party! These spirit ceremonies are simply enchanting, even on stage, where the group accompanies its productions with impressive audiovisual performances. It is undeniable that Avneesh, Ayef, Gary Mach and Woréka have re-assigned value to music of the Indian Ocean.