2020 New Music USA Project Grant Award

TurningJewelsIntoWater was awarded a 2020 New Music USA grant (New Music USA) Getting emotional here..I’ve never been part of a community, never been Avant enough, Indian enough, Jazz enough, Experimental enough, Electronic enough, to fit anywhere, and yet I’ve not given up on New York City over the past 17 years..

And now, to have offers from Pioneer Works, Harlem Stage & Roulette to put on this interdisciplinary performance in the Fall, has been mind-blowing ?
–This extended project involves collaboration with a flex dancer, modern dancer, and a video projection artist–
** visual sample: https://youtu.be/TAKwMvOgri0

These things I have come to realize…
*NYC has become increasingly musically conservative and segregated, and is not the center of the musical world.
*The musical future is not male (belongs to all other genders) and my time is limited- and I will pay it forward as best I can.
* The definitions of “experimental music” need to be changed, to reflect the beat-based innovations of people of color from across the globe
*Meaningful change can only come to the scene if the musical ruling-class is replaced by working-class people-of-color and black curators/owners representative of the artists themselves

[deep gratitude to Val Jeanty, Art Jones, Ranubi and Ivvy for being a part of this journey]