New Orleans Airlift: Porchlife (in Coney Island on Aug 4th)

STOMP meets electronic dance music..  TurningJewelsIntoWater got to play the porch set up by New Orleans Airlift on Saturday, Aug. 4th.  While we didn’t get to play all the structures, this is what was available for us:

“Strings are set along the first set of the railing. One side are bass strings, the other guitar strings. These are all tunable. The house is tuned to D Major, so these are tuned to harmonize with the rest of the house. There are loop pedals on each side (one for bass and one for guitar). You can create a bass loop, and then add to it by using the pedals located at the other instruments. 

On the first landing there are a set of large chimes. To the left is a device designed by Quintron that “plays” the weather via sensors and synthesizers. It emits a drone that can be manipulated via the dials on the panel. To the right, there is a porch swing that acts as a “metronome”. As it moves back and forth it activates a striker positioned inside of a wood block.

The steps to the second level have MIDI triggers that play percussion samples. Two panels in the wall also have triggers. Drums, cymbals, and 808s. These can be played using feet and hands, or they can be played with mallets to give you a little more control.

The second level has a marimba railing (n.b. this instrument sounds best when you strike the edge of the bar, unlike the traditional instrument that sounds best when played in the center of the bar). D maj. The marimba has a loop pedal and a delay pedal rigged to it. To the left of that is a PVC tube xylophone.

There is a door at the highest level with handbells, again it has the notes of a D major scale, though they aren’t arranged in scale order. There are also jingle bells attached to the lower half of the door.”