Solo Tarana in the Mid-West (US) in May

Having worked on a SOLO hybrid drums-meets-electronics concept for over a year now, I finally decided to take the plunge and embarked on a SOLO tour. While it was frightening at first, to be all alone on stage, with no one to ‘fall back’ on, I embraced it, and went for it !!!
It was definitely difficult to categorize, musically 🙂 I wasn’t billing it as a hour-long ‘drumistic’ drum-solo, suitable only for other drummers, but as a TOTAL musical experience, a live improvised DJ set, if you will. Resistance from all sides followed, naturally. In hind-sight, this music would have been better served at venues featuring deep-bass sound-systems. Well, it was a deep learning experience, and I’m inspired to keep it developing, not afraid to take chances with it.