Residency at The Erie Art Museum

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I am pleased to report that my band, Tarana, was recently awarded a grant from “Meet The Composers” (METLIFE CREATIVE CONNECTIONS PROGRAM ), in conjunction with the Erie Art Museum, to engage in a week-long residency, from March 1-4, 2011.
The residency will include workshops (for students of varying levels), and concerts.  The scope of the workshops will range from discussing the role of technology in modern music, to globalization in music, to simply sharing the basics of music-making!
I’ve  never undertaken a residency of such a vast scope before, and am excited by the challenge it poses!

After completing the residency, we return to Pittsburgh, PA (my home-town!) for a concert at The Spot, on March 5th, followed by a return to The Bop Shop in Rochester, NY on March 8th.  I’ve performed in both those cities on several occasions, and have always believed in returning to the same places to strengthen musical and community ties.

Author: ravish