April Workshops in Colorado

I was invited by the terrific up-n-coming saxophonist Aakash Mittal to conduct various workshops in a few cities/towns in Colorado.  In Colorado the eastern half, where a lot of the cities/towns seem concentrated  (Greeley, Boulder, Loveland, Denver, Colodaro Springs, Pueblo, etc), goes by the name of the “Front Range.”  While college-level workshops can be very technical, focussing on the traditional and mainstream very often, I was fortunate to have been given a chance to present my unique blend of  integrating live-electronics, composition, Jazz-improvisation, and exploration of odd-time-signatures.

The clip presented below is excerpted from a workshop conducted at the University of North Colorado (on 4/15/11) , which focussed on the creative use of Ableton Live in an improvisational setting, which was constrained by a 7/4 time-signature, and a compositional form/arrangement that also relied on live interaction with the saxophonist.

Tarana in Rochester

A nice summary of what the ‘new’ Tarana sounds like, was just published in the Rochester CityNewspaper.

Here’s an excerpt from the concert preview:

“You’ve never heard (or seen) a drummer like Ravish Momin. Whether he’s playing the drum set with his hands, seamlessly fusing his drums with a laptop full of electronic sounds, or creating vocal percussion, Momin is reinventing his instrument. His group, Tarana, has changed personnel over the years, but all of his band-mates are kindred spirits when it comes to finding new routes through the music. At the core of Tarana’s music is free improvisation; along the way it passes through strains of Indian and Middle Eastern music and, of course, jazz.”- Ron Netsky (March 2, 2011)
The concert takes place Tuesday, March 8, 8 p.m. at Bop Shop Atrium, 274 N. Goodman St. $15 donation requested. 271-3354, bopshop.com.

Residency at The Erie Art Museum

I am pleased to report that my band, Tarana, was recently awarded a grant from “Meet The Composers” (METLIFE CREATIVE CONNECTIONS PROGRAM ), in conjunction with the Erie Art Museum, to engage in a week-long residency, from March 1-4, 2011.
The residency will include workshops (for students of varying levels), and concerts.  The scope of the workshops will range from discussing the role of technology in modern music, to globalization in music, to simply sharing the basics of music-making!
I’ve  never undertaken a residency of such a vast scope before, and am excited by the challenge it poses!

After completing the residency, we return to Pittsburgh, PA (my home-town!) for a concert at The Spot, on March 5th, followed by a return to The Bop Shop in Rochester, NY on March 8th.  I’ve performed in both those cities on several occasions, and have always believed in returning to the same places to strengthen musical and community ties.

Tarana at the Krannert Center

Tarana kicked off 2011 in an auspicious way with a performance at the prestigious Krannert Center for Performing Arts, Urbana, IL, on January 22. Joining me on violin was the amazing Trina Basu.

Tehrah from Ravish Momin on Vimeo.

Recorded LIVE at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (Part of the Global Transfer Afterglow Series, curated by Jason Finkelman) on January 22, 2011

Featuring Trina Basu on Violin, and Ravish Momin on drums, laptop, voice

San Servolo Jazz Meeting 2010

Tarana will be performing at the San Servolo Jazz Meeting, in Venezia, Italy, on November 4, 2010, as part of our Italian tour.

Excerpted from “WIRE” magazine:

From 04/11/10 to 25/11/10: Location: Venice, Italy:

“Series of four concerts exploring contrasting takes on contemporary jazz, taking place on the small island of the Venetian lagoon. With Ravish Momin Tarana Trio (4 November), Matthew Shipp (11), Wayne Horvitz & Robin Holcomb (18), Rob Mazurek & Chad Taylor (25). Venice , presented by: Teatro Fondamenta Nuove.”

Tour Details forthcoming, stay tuned!

Solo in Beirut

Photos by: Maria VVanted Photography (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mariawanted)

My first ever solo-performance, in Beirut, Lebanon was a success! Great turnout and audience reaction to boot!!!  This presentation was inspired by the AACM credo of “Ancient to the Future.” Inspired by their music, I’ve continued to explore various genres, to investigate the limits of improvisation, by learning/absorbing music as diverse as Indonesian Kekak chants to Pygmy-music of Madagascar to experimental electronica. The solo-work was presented at The Beirut Art Center on Sept. 8th, 2010, and drew upon how ‘time’ in music itself was liquid, and explored the tension between rigid and free-rhythms. Furthermore, by juxtaposing acoustic drums with electronically generated sounds/rhythms, I blurred the boundaries between the electronic and the acoustic, to create a seamless whole-sense.

NMASS in Austin

Tarana heads to Austin, TX, to perform at the New Music and Sound Summit (NMASS) on June 19th.

The festival is a three day summit of creative music including performance art, film, and installations :: a positive alternative to predictable music festival ‘business as usual’, according to their site. We’ve been working on this one since March, so we’re really excited about it. Expect collaborations with local Austin musicians as well! Following this, we’re also going to be performing in Dallas (June 20th) and New Orleans (June 21st) as part of the tour.