Tour of Mexico-May 2012


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We had an amazing tour of Mexico!!  I opted for a ‘brassy’ version of Trio Tarana, and took Rick Parker (trombone) and Aakash Mittal (Alto Saxophone) with me.  We played in Mexico City at the amazing Zinco Jazz Club, Centro Cultural Espana, and Fundacion Sebastian.  Then, we played two shows at Cafe Central in Oaxaca, and ended the tour with L’Arrosoir D’Arthur in Cuernavaca.

In additional to those amazing venues and audiences, we were deeply honored to have been guests of one of Mexico’s greatest living Sculptors, Sebastian, and were treated to amazing hospitality that we’ll never forget!  Deep thanks also to Eugenio Elias, Matias Carbajal, and Oscar Adad in Mexico City for their support as well.  A big big thanks to Yadira Castenada down in Oaxaca for showing us true southern hospitality (and the super-amazing audiences too!), and last but not least, to Benoit and Amaury in Cuernavaca for the amazing time there as well!!

Residency at Centro Mexicano para la Musica y las Artes Sonoras

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Honored to have been invited by CMASS  (Mexico Center for Music and Sound Arts) to be an artist-in-residence from April 23-27, 2012.  I’m having a blast in Morelia so far. The  students have been amazing so far- quick learners and very creative!  The facilities for music-production here are absolutely astounding, and include amazing gear and acoustics too.  The students will perform a few pieces on Friday, April 27th, and I will also give a solo-concert for the 2nd half of the concert.

Trio Tarana Residency @ Denver University

Photograph by Sarah Morelli

Trio Tarana were the recipient of a grant from the Marsico Fund at Denver University which enabled the Lamont School of Music to invite us for a week-long residency.  Since I had Aakash Mittal and Trina Basu on board, we were uniquely able to cover ground on South Indian Classical Music, Jazz Improvisation, and the use of music-technology/software/hardware in a live-performance.  Furthermore, we were asked to conduct workshops on Music Therapy and the use of Social-Media/DIY touring for up-n-coming musicians.

At the end of the week, we performed with the Lamont School of Music Student Ensembles, during which each of us led an ensemble in a performance of an original piece.   This collaborative performance was part of a new initiative at DU called Expanding Horizons. We had a great time with the students, and were inspired by their enthusiasm and creative/technical abilities as well.  The faculty were also immensely supportive of our endeavors, and all those factors made this residency an amazingly creative (no holds barred!) and satisfying experience.  We hope to come back in the future!


Creative Sound Radio (France) Interview

The music of Ravish Momin & the Trio Tarana

“From the Art Ensemble of Chicago to John Coltrane, from Sun Ra to William Parker, from the world music experiments of Don Cherry to the sound of the Ravish Momin Trio Tarana, from the best british jazz to the Swedish folk jazz, we take your ears on a trip around a Creative Planet.  An around-the-clock journey through Great Black Music, European or asian jazz and global sounds.” Read More…

New Beats for February 2012

This video is a ‘work-in-progress’ showcasing the development of my solo-electro-beats performances (since 2010.) I’m sampling myself in real-time, and creating an ‘on-the-spot’ mix/arrangement of live beats, samples, melodies, etc (I’ve generated all the musical sounds)… and am using an iPAD, Korg NANO-controllers and a Logidy USB Foot-controller to create/control/change effects to continuously alter the sound in an improvisatory manner.

After The Disquiet (EP) to be released Oct. 4th

Super-excited to announce that (after 4 years!) I’m finally releasing a new TARANA recording!! It’s only a 4-song EP, but it represents the new direction the music has taken!  I’ve placed a link for a FREE DOWNLOAD below, to give you a taste of what’s to come!!

The EP will be available through various digital distributors, including BANDCAMP… so please check it out!!

Click here for CD COVER ART!

Solo Tarana in the Mid-West (US) in May

Having worked on a SOLO hybrid drums-meets-electronics concept for over a year now, I finally decided to take the plunge and embarked on a SOLO tour. While it was frightening at first, to be all alone on stage, with no one to ‘fall back’ on, I embraced it, and went for it !!!
It was definitely difficult to categorize, musically 🙂 I wasn’t billing it as a hour-long ‘drumistic’ drum-solo, suitable only for other drummers, but as a TOTAL musical experience, a live improvised DJ set, if you will. Resistance from all sides followed, naturally. In hind-sight, this music would have been better served at venues featuring deep-bass sound-systems. Well, it was a deep learning experience, and I’m inspired to keep it developing, not afraid to take chances with it.