May Tour of Mexico

We’ll be playing a show on the UNAM campus on May 14th.  We’re also going to be playing shows in Guanajuato, Districto Federal (DF), Queretaro, a Jazz Festival in Aguascalientes, 2 nights at the premier Zinco Jazz Club (DF) and a collaboration with local musicians in Cuernavaca, during our very first tour of Mexico (May 7-17).  Details can be found on the “2010 shows” page.

Tarana March US Mid-west Tour Announced:

This upcoming US Mid-west tour (16-22) takes me back to my Alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University, for a workshop at the Music Department as well as a performance at The Underground. The Mid-west is always been a favorite touring area for me, with its plethora of college venues, progressive campus-radio stations and eager audiences. We will also be returning to St. Louis after 5 years. Other scheduled stops include our debut in Columbus, OH and Madison, WI as well.
Details can be found on the “2010 shows” page, and also at: Fanbridge.


Photo by Stephanie F. Black

Welcome to the new site!

Lots coming up for Trio Tarana in 2010.
We’re going to kick off the new year with a US-midwest Tour in March, followed by a visit to New Mexico’s Outpost Space in April. After that, there are plans to perform in Lebanon, Mexico, Canada and Europe! Stay tuned for details!