Solo in Beirut

Photos by: Maria VVanted Photography (

My first ever solo-performance, in Beirut, Lebanon was a success! Great turnout and audience reaction to boot!!!  This presentation was inspired by the AACM credo of “Ancient to the Future.” Inspired by their music, I’ve continued to explore various genres, to investigate the limits of improvisation, by learning/absorbing music as diverse as Indonesian Kekak chants to Pygmy-music of Madagascar to experimental electronica. The solo-work was presented at The Beirut Art Center on Sept. 8th, 2010, and drew upon how ‘time’ in music itself was liquid, and explored the tension between rigid and free-rhythms. Furthermore, by juxtaposing acoustic drums with electronically generated sounds/rhythms, I blurred the boundaries between the electronic and the acoustic, to create a seamless whole-sense.

TV appearances with Shakira


Photos by Xavi Menós

In addition, I appeared in the following events:

November 12th- Exclusive Taping for Yahoo (promo)

November 13th- Exclusive performance for iheartradio

November 16th- Performance on The View (ABC)

November 17th- Performance on Rachel Ray Show (ABC)

November 17th- Pre-taping for NBC/Rocekfeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting