Silvana Presents: Tarana & MRC Riddims on Sat. Nov. 9th, 2013

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A rare NYC appearance by Tarana and MRC Riddims!

Super-excited to be sharing a double-bill with MRC Riddims.
is the DJ/production team of Alap Now (ex- Dalek) and Merc Anthony from Harlem, NY. Their single goal is to make the heaviest fun possible on the dancefloor. Absorbing many genres from minimal techno to dancehall to house and everything in between, MRC Riddims manage to bring their NYC flavor to all that they touch and rarely get too close to the limitations of any one genre. A deep thump and a playful bounce are a common thread throughout their distinct sound. Even when they journey into their deepest, heaviest moments, MRC Riddims never take you too far away from that feeling you had the first time you stepped into a roller rink as a kid!

Tarana at the Detroit Institute of Arts

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Deeply honored to have been invited back to perform at one of the most venerable museum institutions in the US. We will be performing at the DIA as part of their Friday Nights Live! Series on July 12th, playing two sets (7 & 8:30 pm)

We will also be performing a day before, on Thursday July 11th (8 pm), at Mexicains Sans Frontieres in Grand Rapids, and a 1st meeting with up-n-coming dancer/choreographer Gia Cacalano at the Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh, on Saturday July 13th (8 pm)

We don’t get to tour the US often enough, so very excited about this mini-tour!!

Post Mexico Tour Round-up

Whoa! Tarana had a great time in Mexico! First off, many thanks to all the people who worked super-hard to produce our concerts!  Another big thanks also to all of those people who came to hear us!  We really appreciate it!!

We played a variety of venues, ranging from an underground dance party in Monterrey to an outdoor concert for over 600 people in San Luis Potosi! We connected with lots of amazing musicians and also got quite a few ‘call-backs’ for the following year! Yes!!!!!

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National Tour of Mexico 2013

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I’m excited to return to Mexico with Tarana for a full-fledged tour!  In a different approach, we’re performing at a variety of venues, ranging from university concert halls to an underground dance party being presented by Monterrey based Producer/DJ Joshua Brandon
5/1- Sala Underground del Centro Complex, Monterrey
5/2-Jazzatlan, Puebla
5/3- Festival Internacional de Jazz y Sonidos Electronico, Foro Itinerante “El Blanquito”, Faro De Oriente, Mexico City, DF
5/4- Fundacion Sebastian, Mexico City, DF
5/7- Patio del Edifico Central, University of San Luis Potosi
5/8- Alianza Francesa de Toluca, (6pm)
5/8- Centro de la Imagen Larranaga, (9pm)
5/9- Centro Mexicano para la Música y Artes Sonoras, Morelia


Tour of Mexico-May 2012


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We had an amazing tour of Mexico!!  I opted for a ‘brassy’ version of Trio Tarana, and took Rick Parker (trombone) and Aakash Mittal (Alto Saxophone) with me.  We played in Mexico City at the amazing Zinco Jazz Club, Centro Cultural Espana, and Fundacion Sebastian.  Then, we played two shows at Cafe Central in Oaxaca, and ended the tour with L’Arrosoir D’Arthur in Cuernavaca.

In additional to those amazing venues and audiences, we were deeply honored to have been guests of one of Mexico’s greatest living Sculptors, Sebastian, and were treated to amazing hospitality that we’ll never forget!  Deep thanks also to Eugenio Elias, Matias Carbajal, and Oscar Adad in Mexico City for their support as well.  A big big thanks to Yadira Castenada down in Oaxaca for showing us true southern hospitality (and the super-amazing audiences too!), and last but not least, to Benoit and Amaury in Cuernavaca for the amazing time there as well!!

Creative Sound Radio (France) Interview

The music of Ravish Momin & the Trio Tarana

“From the Art Ensemble of Chicago to John Coltrane, from Sun Ra to William Parker, from the world music experiments of Don Cherry to the sound of the Ravish Momin Trio Tarana, from the best british jazz to the Swedish folk jazz, we take your ears on a trip around a Creative Planet.  An around-the-clock journey through Great Black Music, European or asian jazz and global sounds.” Read More…

Solo Tarana in the Mid-West (US) in May

Having worked on a SOLO hybrid drums-meets-electronics concept for over a year now, I finally decided to take the plunge and embarked on a SOLO tour. While it was frightening at first, to be all alone on stage, with no one to ‘fall back’ on, I embraced it, and went for it !!!
It was definitely difficult to categorize, musically 🙂 I wasn’t billing it as a hour-long ‘drumistic’ drum-solo, suitable only for other drummers, but as a TOTAL musical experience, a live improvised DJ set, if you will. Resistance from all sides followed, naturally. In hind-sight, this music would have been better served at venues featuring deep-bass sound-systems. Well, it was a deep learning experience, and I’m inspired to keep it developing, not afraid to take chances with it.

April Workshops in Colorado

I was invited by the terrific up-n-coming saxophonist Aakash Mittal to conduct various workshops in a few cities/towns in Colorado.  In Colorado the eastern half, where a lot of the cities/towns seem concentrated  (Greeley, Boulder, Loveland, Denver, Colodaro Springs, Pueblo, etc), goes by the name of the “Front Range.”  While college-level workshops can be very technical, focussing on the traditional and mainstream very often, I was fortunate to have been given a chance to present my unique blend of  integrating live-electronics, composition, Jazz-improvisation, and exploration of odd-time-signatures.

The clip presented below is excerpted from a workshop conducted at the University of North Colorado (on 4/15/11) , which focussed on the creative use of Ableton Live in an improvisational setting, which was constrained by a 7/4 time-signature, and a compositional form/arrangement that also relied on live interaction with the saxophonist.

Residency at The Erie Art Museum

I am pleased to report that my band, Tarana, was recently awarded a grant from “Meet The Composers” (METLIFE CREATIVE CONNECTIONS PROGRAM ), in conjunction with the Erie Art Museum, to engage in a week-long residency, from March 1-4, 2011.
The residency will include workshops (for students of varying levels), and concerts.  The scope of the workshops will range from discussing the role of technology in modern music, to globalization in music, to simply sharing the basics of music-making!
I’ve  never undertaken a residency of such a vast scope before, and am excited by the challenge it poses!

After completing the residency, we return to Pittsburgh, PA (my home-town!) for a concert at The Spot, on March 5th, followed by a return to The Bop Shop in Rochester, NY on March 8th.  I’ve performed in both those cities on several occasions, and have always believed in returning to the same places to strengthen musical and community ties.