Ravish Momin

Month: August 2018

Solo US Tour-September 2018

I’ll be undertaking a solo US tour from Sept 25-30th as shown below.  I’ll be conducting workshops and masterclasses on the “Intersection of Music-technology, Improvisation and Global-rhythms.’  I’ll be artist-in-residence at Champlain College for a full day where I’ll also collaborate with students to create new electro-acoustic works for a culminating performance.  In addition to the

New Orleans Airlift: Porchlife (in Coney Island on Aug 4th)

STOMP meets electronic dance music.. 🙂 TurningJewelsIntoWater got to play the porch set up by New Orleans Airlift on Saturday, Aug. 4th.  While we didn’t get to play all the structures, this is what was available for us: “Strings are set along the first set of the railing. One side are bass strings, the other guitar strings. These are all