Thump|Vice premieres audio track from Tarana’s new album

Screenshot from Thump|Vice
Screenshot from Thump|Vice

So excited to have an audio track from the new album premiere on Thump|Vice ! We even made their front page for a hot minute :)
From the article: “On Tarana’s new single “Keherwa,” the project’s latest lineup features only one other musician, trombonist Rick Parker. Recorded live, the track was created without any overdubs, and you can really tell in the way it moves gracefully from moment to moment without a clear map of its trajectory, splicing together snippets of acid house, jazz, and psych in a gesture toward vibrant transcendence.”

Stream the track below, and purchase it as part of Tarana’s new LP A Fire of Flowers Grows Around Us on Wondermachine music.

FACT Magazine premieres video for ‘Myvatn’

Tarana blend genres, distort realities in the video for ‘Myvatn’

The experimental duo share a new video from their upcoming Dälek-produced LP.

The duo Tarana nestles into a fascinating space between jazz, electronica, and the Bollywood and Indian folk music of project founder Ravish Momin’s childhood home. They explore it in length on their upcoming album A Fire Of Flowers Grows Around Us due September 18 via Wondermachine Records, but for now, watch the video by Alexandra Momin for ‘Myvatn’ which uses visual distortion as warped and fluid as the music behind it.

Tarana Live at the Rubin Museum of Art, July 17, 2015

Had an amazing time performing with Tarana last night at the Rubin Museum of Art! Nice to play to a packed crowd in our hometown of New York City :)
Big thanks to Rick Parker for the always inspiring blend of trombone & synths, and to special guest Alap Momin for the amazing live-mixing and electronics. Last but not least, deep gratitude to Fay Serafica for putting this show together for us!

photos by: Alexandra Momin

Tarana  Tarana     Tarana     Tarana

Our ‘dubbed and ghosted’ version [excerpt] of AR Rahman’s “Azeem O Shaan”:

Teaser for upcoming full-length album release

Excited to release the teaser for Tarana’s new album to be released on the super-bad newcomer Wondermachine Records (Zurich) this Fall, on 9.18.15. The “CleanFeed Records years” were amazing, but I wanted to forge a new path… 5 years in the making. Big thanks to Rick Parker for the amazing playing, and to Alexandra Momin for the video/production.

Tarana Promo Video from Alexandra Momin on Vimeo.

Tour of Mexico: April 2015

We had an amazing tour of Mexico in April 2015! We made a concerted effort to connect with electronic music presenters as well as young audiences.  We were honored to have been presented by Otoño en HiroshimaMOD. Encuentros de música electrónica viva. as well as Fonoteca Nacional amongst various other amazing promoters/venues. We also received some incredible press from Thump|VICE, El Fanzine, La Jornada and an astoundingly comprehensive interview/review in Ibero 90.0 FM, some of the most well-known music sites in Mexico.

Tarana at Oberlin College on Oct. 9th, 2014

Tarana undertook a rare US tour from Oct. 8th through the 16th. We went through Pittsburgh (PA), Oberlin (OH), Beacon (NY), Washington (DC), and Louisville (KY).. We certainly logged a lot of miles and listened to tons of new music (Byrell The Great, Son Lux, Dead Rider, MikeQ, DJ Rashad, Land Lady, tUnE yArDs, Cakes The Killa, Angel Haze, Floex, Paris Monster, Addison Groove, Tarana, Divoli S’vere, and Uproot Andy), in addition to lots of old favorites and classics.

Unyazi Festival (IV) and SOLO tour of South Africa

My first ever SOLO tour will be in SOUTH AFRICA…workshops and concerts..
..Been invited to perform at the Unyazi Festival of New Electronic Music in Johannesburg on Sept. 12th.
9/7: NorthWest University, Potchefstroom
9/8: NorthWest University, Potchefstroom
9/9: Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria
9/11: Unyazi, Wits Art Museum, Johannesburg
9/12: ‘Tetrafix’: a joint concert with Connect ZA, A Maze Media Arts Festival, Unyazi (IV) 2014 and The Black Cube Sessions @ Skyline Braamfontein
9/13: Redbull Studio, Capetown
9/13: Straight No Chaser Club (collaborations with Lee Thomson et al),

2 new solo videos to share! The first one explores the depths of Ableton Live manipulation in real-time, in a structured format, while the second one focusses on developing a theme in 13/8 time-signature :)

More details
Unyazi IV (2014) is an electronic music festival that this year will focus on interaction between South African musicians/composers and those from Asia including Tomoko Momiyama (Japan), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (Japan), Alfred Harth (South Korea/Germany), Carl Stone (Japan/US). Also performing are Ravish Momin (US) and Lukas Ligeti (Austria/US). South African artists who will be participating in the festival include Frank Mallows and Brydon Bolton. The South African New Music Ensemble will also perform at the festival. Tomoko Momiyama will arrive in Johannesburg three weeks before the festival to collaborate intensively with South African artists to produce a new piece of work specifically linked to the experience of her time in the city. The work will be the result of Momiyama’s wide experience and study of culture, environment and human psychology.
Big thanks to Lukas Ligeti and Cameron Harris for their support!

Tarana performs at E Se (What if) Festival 2013

After having recently performed at a variety of alternative music venues in Europe, I am excited to perform at home, in New York City, with Tarana, at the 2013 E Se (What if) Festival on Monday, December 16th (8pm) at the Epistrophy Cafe.

Also performing on the festival will be NY stalwarts Oscar Noriega, Chris Speed, Michael Hearst, Ori Oren, Avram Fefer and Tim Keiper.

Tarana November European Tour 2013

( Live at the Tunel in Rijeka, Croatia on Nov. 22, 2013)

Tarana had an amazing time touring Croatia and Italy in November!
We played a large variety of venues, ranging from the eclectic KSET Klub in Zagreb, HR to the prestigious Panic Jazz Club in Marostica, to the legendary Lumiere Rock Club to doing a DJ set at Iguana Club in Male.  I also taught a workshop at the Centro Studi e Formazione in Bolzano, focussing on using Ableton Live in an improvisational context.

Silvana Presents: Tarana & MRC Riddims on Sat. Nov. 9th, 2013

(Click on image to enlarge)

A rare NYC appearance by Tarana and MRC Riddims!

Super-excited to be sharing a double-bill with MRC Riddims.
is the DJ/production team of Alap Now (ex- Dalek) and Merc Anthony from Harlem, NY. Their single goal is to make the heaviest fun possible on the dancefloor. Absorbing many genres from minimal techno to dancehall to house and everything in between, MRC Riddims manage to bring their NYC flavor to all that they touch and rarely get too close to the limitations of any one genre. A deep thump and a playful bounce are a common thread throughout their distinct sound. Even when they journey into their deepest, heaviest moments, MRC Riddims never take you too far away from that feeling you had the first time you stepped into a roller rink as a kid!